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Abusix Mail Intelligence is the only reliable, innovative, and service-oriented email threat protection solution for Mail Operators to prevent any email-borne threats from entering or leaving your network.

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We’re here to take email security to the next level. Our goal is to be accurate and to get problems resolved as quickly as possible. We are here to help, not to hinder. Our team has a wealth of experience and understands all the struggles and pain points our customers are facing.

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Features & Benefits

Block threats in less than 1 second

Block real-time emerging threats in less than 1 second, rather than 15 minutes or more with our competitors.

Drop-in installation and integration

Utilise simple fast drop-in integration into your existing mail servers and antispam filters.

High reliability and rapid ROI

Through both direct cost savings and through a dramatic reduction in malicious traffic.

Inbound filtering
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Immediate listing
Outbound filtering

Your first line of defense

We’re the first line of defense for your mail system which allows you to save bandwidth and CPU caused by the more costly in-depth spam and virus analysis required for later content filtering.

We also protect you from new threats as our traps will see emerging threats early thereby protecting you from new virus and malware strains or new spam and phishing attacks, and we can also help you to identify compromised accounts within your network.

Integrates with any mail product

We are one of the only companies to provide mail intelligence commercially for integration with any mail product.

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We're here to help

We provide both live chat and email support to customers and to those with listing issues, so you don’t have to deal with that.

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Detects and lists immediately

Our redundant infrastructure works in real-time to ensure minimum latency between detection and listing

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Constantly improved blacklists

We are always working on new and improved data either from feedback from our customers or where we see new abuse patterns.

We don’t just provide IP addresses and Domain datasets. We also produce hashed datasets for Short URLs, Drive URLs, Bitcoin Wallet address, and email addresses (coming soon).

We also provide non-blacklist datasets like Newly Observed Domains or Newly Observed Mail IPs which can be used for additional filtering and intelligence.

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Protect your network

Abusix Mail Intelligence prevents outbound spam by helping you identify risky or compromised accounts by using our AuthBL.

We also prevent outbound spam by providing additional data to your existing filters using our Domain, Short URL, Disk URL, Cryptocurrency Wallet, and Email blacklists.



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Success Stories

Take a look at our customers' success stories to see what Abusix is capable of.

Abusix has been amazing to work with. They are very agile and responsive. The level of automation we have been able to achieve with them continues to impress me.

— Ryan Carter, VP, Security & Compliance, StackPath.

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AbuseHQ is our network abuse command center. AbuseHQ helped us quickly integrate our abuse handling processes into the Telenor Norway SOC. Now we have a continuous and comprehensive perspective on both current and historical abuse activity

— Vegar Åsmul, Crime Protection & Public Security, Telenor.

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AbuseHQ is almost everything I want and need from an automated abuse handling solution. It's flexible, easy to use, and very powerful, letting me handle complaints the way I want to. Where it can’t do exactly what I want, Abusix steps in to either build a way to do it anyway or help with an alternative solution.

— Dennis van Drunen, Senior Abuse Specialist, KPN.

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