Point your unused domain mx records to, a free service that allows professionals working at ISPs and security companies to see unsolicited email communications and thus fight internet abuse.

What is it? is a free, crowdsourced platform enabling professionals to combat spam more effectively. Contribute to the fight against unsolicited emails by redirecting your unused domains to their system, aiding service providers and security firms in their efforts.

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Use to redirect non-email domains, control spam, and analyze unwanted emails. Point domains freely, retain control, and boost anti-spam efficacy with any domain type.


How it works? safeguards domains, using them to filter spam by issuing a 550 hard bounce for inactive email services. Emails are accepted selectively to ensure senders avoid future spam, allowing domains to resume email services anytime.


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Inform if redirecting domains to ensure system scaling. For portfolio domains, notify in advance for necessary adjustments.


Contact: [email protected].