The Power of
Real-time Network Abuse Reporting

Abusix is known for its commitment to cybersecurity and real-time threat intelligence. Our Abuse Contact Database makes it easy for everyone to report network abuse. With this tool, you can quickly reach the right network owners and help make the internet a safer place.


Direct Reporting

Bypass the intricacies of traditional RIR WHOIS databases. Report abuse directly to the network owners without any hindrance.


DNS-Based Queries

Experience the efficiency of DNS-based querying, allowing for high-volume requests without the limitations of standard HTTP APIs.


Data Accuracy

Our database is meticulously curated, drawing information from major RIRs like ARIN, RIPE, LACNIC, APNIC, and AFRINIC.


Cost-Effective Solution:

Benefit from our free service, reflecting Abusix's commitment to a safer digital world. All we ask in return is a simple reference in your report, acknowledging the use of our database.