Abusix FAQs

We provide both live chat and email support to customers and those with listing issues.

For customers using Abusix Mail Intelligence to reject mail, we ask that any rejection uses the text we provide, including the delisting URL.

Anyone that is listed and needs help comes to us, instead of your support desk as this cuts down on latency and keeps everyone happy.

No, we don’t provide a Feedback Loop.

Yes, we support Subscriber’s Right to Data Access and Subscriber’s Right To Be Forgotten which are GDPR requirements.

Yes, our mail intelligence solutions integrates with any mail product including SpamAssassin and rSpamd.

All you need to do is configure your email server to query our service. This takes a couple of minutes, and we provide guides for the most popular email servers in our documentation.

Our support team can help if you have any questions or use a system that isn’t covered in our documentation.

For larger sites we also offer RSYNC, so you can run a local copy of our DNS zones.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan in our customer portal.
Just log in to your account, navigate to the pricing section, and update your plan.

No, these are all free services, so you don’t need to upgrade to a plan.

In order to delist from any of our blacklists, you’ll have to sign up to our customer portal and confirm your email. Once done, you can use our fully automated delisting services.

Yes, however, we only provide this for large providers. If you are interested in using RSYNC, please contact us through our contact form.

We provide IP addresses, Domain datasets, hashed datasets for Short URLs, Drive URLs, Bitcoin Wallet addresses, and email addresses (coming soon).

We also provide non-blacklist datasets like Newly Observed Domains or Newly Observed Mail IPs, which can be used for additional filtering and intelligence.

We also provide an authentication blacklist (AuthBL) to help you prevent compromised accounts from sending outbound spam.

An uptime percentage of at least 98% during the service term is pledged in our SLA.

This is one of the main benefits of using a blacklist – we help protect your organization from all forms of email abuse and new emerging email bourne threats.

Abusix uses industry-standard practices for its security controls; including, but not limited to firewalls, intrusion detection, change management, and written security policies.

Security at Abusix follows the ISO/IEC 27002:2013 standard.

For Abusix Mail Intelligence, you can find per query pricing here. (Sign-in required)
For per-user pricing, you will need to contact us through our contact form.

For AbuseHQ, we’d kindly ask you to use the contact form as well. We will then reach out to you to discuss possible pricing options.

AbuseHQ (AHQ) employs a public cloud deployment model using virtualized resources, as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. AbuseHQ is hosted at Amazon Web Services in Germany or the USA; which operates as ISO Certified Data Centers under German and US Privacy Laws respectively.

The most common causes are: compromised accounts, compromised WordPress servers, abused webforms, and abused sign-up forms.

Abusix offers a more detailed explanation with specific context about your blocked IP or domain at abusix.ai

Unfortunately, we’ve seen that anonymous delistings attracted a lot of abuse. Therefore,  you’ll need to confirm your email in order to use our delisting services.

If you are listed by us and our customers use our service to reject the email, you will receive a “bounce” message telling you that your message could not be delivered.

If the rejection was from our service, then you will see a link to abusix.ai where you will be provided with a detailed explanation. It will show you where and why you were listed on our service. You can also delist yourself by registering at abusix.ai

The only emails we send are to customers (and not to those who delisted themselves) to provide service updates or notifications. The only other messages we send are abuse reports.

Any non-governmental or non-lobbyist organization that does not exist to provide profit to shareholders is considered a non-for-profit organization. We provide these organizations with special discounts as we believe it is important to support their activities.

We’re the first line of defense for your mail system which allows you to save bandwidth and CPU caused by the more costly in-depth spam/virus analysis required for later content filtering, doing so also provides an additional layer of protection.

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