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AbuseHQ is the first network abuse desk SaaS application for ISPs, Telcos, and Hosting & Cloud Providers which identifies and neutralizes abuse.

With AbuseHQ, it is easy to keep control, knowledge, and oversight to prevent abuse within your network.

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Why we’re different

AbuseHQ enables network security and abuse teams to identify, respond, mitigate, and address compromised accounts automatically. We believe that we can fight network abuse and other cyber threats on a global scale, and AbuseHQ plays one major part in it.


Increased efficiency through automation

AbuseHQ fully automates security and abuse workflows, increases productivity, subscriber alert speed, and dramatically improves network security while lowering support costs, thus making your network unattractive for bad actors and their bots.

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Easy integration

AbuseHQ is designed to easily integrate with other types of subscriber security alerts through email or our well-documented API, honeypots, MTA logs, user login failure alerts, and different kinds of edge security system logs.

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Early detection and detailed reports

Early detection will help you to be proactive instead of reactive to serious issues within your network. AbuseHQ also enables you to access detailed reports about your network, top issues, top reporters, etc.


Increased customer satisfaction

Abuse handling and security operation teams must be consistent in their response to incidents and threats. Using automation tools will help to speed up response, make business operations simpler, and improve customer service and loyalty.


Seamless and centralized communication

Centralize your communication with legal, SOC, and other departments within your company. Takedowns can be made easier with a proof-based detailed report.

Legal Protection

Protection against lawsuits

Avoid lawsuits when you handle copyright infringements policies like 3 strikes notice and notice of notice. AbuseHQ will allow you to not only be compliant with your local laws but also be proactive for when these laws come to your country and/or are reinforced by copyright protection actions.


Improved customer retention & network reputation

Help your customers to get their machines cleaner without the need for human interaction. AbuseHQ helps your company improve customer retention and network reputation.

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Success Stories

Take a look at our customers' success stories to see what Abusix is capable of.

Abusix has been amazing to work with. They are very agile and responsive. The level of automation we have been able to achieve with them continues to impress me.

— Ryan Carter, VP, Security & Compliance, StackPath.

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AbuseHQ is our network abuse command center. AbuseHQ helped us quickly integrate our abuse handling processes into the Telenor Norway SOC. Now we have a continuous and comprehensive perspective on both current and historical abuse activity

— Vegar Åsmul, Crime Protection & Public Security, Telenor.

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AbuseHQ is almost everything I want and need from an automated abuse handling solution. It's flexible, easy to use, and very powerful, letting me handle complaints the way I want to. Where it can’t do exactly what I want, Abusix steps in to either build a way to do it anyway or help with an alternative solution.

— Dennis van Drunen, Senior Abuse Specialist, KPN.

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