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Mental Health Awareness Month: Mental Well-being in a remote set up

Introduction to Mental Health Awareness Month

The month of May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a significant period dedicated to bringing mental health discussions to the forefront. The shift from traditional workspaces to working from home and remote has introduced unique challenges but it also offers distinct advantages that can significantly enhance our mental well-being.

The Transition to Remote Work: Challenges and Benefits

In this article, for Mental Health Awareness Month, we explore the mental health aspects of remote work, examining both the challenges and the benefits. We will also showcase how we at Abusix, a company that has embraced a remote-first approach since 2019, ensure the mental well-being of our team members spread across the globe.

Our Commitment at Abusix: Supporting Mental Well-being

At Abusix, we’re on a mission to provide a fresh perspective on email protection, network security, and reporting network abuse. Together, we’re working to make the internet safer for everyone, offering innovative solutions that protect your organization while contributing to a more secure digital world.

Transitioning to a remote work environment can be challenging, with individuals facing issues such as isolation, blurred work-life boundaries, and the pressure to stay productive amidst home distractions. However, remote work also provides a couple of advantages such as more flexibility, more time for personal and family life, more time for self-care, and the elimination of daily commuting. These benefits can significantly enhance the quality of life and mental well-being of remote workers.

Benefits we offer at Abusix to support mental well-being

Our support for our team members extends beyond just understanding these challenges and advantages. Therefore we offer:

  • Mental Health coaching and counseling: Through our partner, myFürstenberg, everyone can book instant Mental Health Coaching and counseling online or via telephone. Furthermore, on this platform, team members have access to webinars, lunch&learns, and leadership meet-ups to learn more about mental health.
  • Health Coaching: Recognizing that physical health impacts mental health, we offer internal health coaching to ensure a balanced lifestyle.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Everyone on our team has paid time off for vacation and in case of sickness. We want everybody to recharge and come back with a fresh mind. We even encourage our team members to take longer sick leave instead of coming back too soon not fully recovered.
  • Flexible working hours: To keep the balance between private life and work, everybody can work whenever they are most productive during the day.
  • Choice of workplace: Every team member can choose if they want to work from home, e.g. a café or a coworking space. It is even possible to extend vacation and work from a country abroad (keeping in mind legal requirements and the right to work in the desired country).
  • Home Office setup: We provide everyone a one-time budget for hardware equipment (e.g., standing desk, keyboard, headset, etc.) to ensure a stable and ergonomic workplace.
  • Learning & development: We offer an annual budget for each team member for personal development, ensuring that they are equipped to handle any situation.
  • Social interaction: We facilitate cross-functional social engagement through activities like, e.g., Friday fun chats and annual in-person meet-ups to avoid feelings of isolation.


Mental Health Awareness Month: How Remote Work Impacts Mental Health Infographic
How Remote Work Impacts Mental Health Infographic. Source: Europe Language Jobs

Conclusion: The Impact of Mental Health Initiatives in Remote Settings

In addition to these benefits, we have a diverse and multinational remote team. Our team members support each other and foster a culture where everyone’s voice matters. Respect and honesty are our guiding values. By encouraging ownership, we enable every team member to contribute to innovation and Abusix’s success.

Promoting mental health, especially in a remote work setup, benefits both individuals and organizations. This Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s commit to recognizing, understanding, and prioritizing mental well-being in our remote workspaces, and let’s celebrate the many advantages that remote work brings to our lives.

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