Why Traditional Blacklists Are Outdated

Why Traditional Blacklists Are Outdated

When the internet became accessible to the public, it quickly became obvious that the new technology had the potential to be used for nefarious purposes. Some misuses were fairly innocuous, including the mass emailing of unwanted marketing messages. However, it did not take long for cybercriminals to devise methods to steal data, hijack entire networks, or deliver malware. In 1989, Virus Bulletin was founded as a traditional magazine that focused on providing information to cybersecurity professionals on the detection, removal, and prevention of spam and malware. Over the years, VB has become famous for its independent testing and analyses of computer security products.

How VB Rating Works

To test the effectiveness of spam filters and malware blockers, VB accesses a massive quantity of spam messages each day that includes a wide diversity of data. After all, testing just one type of spam only proves whether a product is effective against that particular flavor of spam.

The basic process that VB uses for rating security products can be condensed into three points.

  1. VB receives black spam feed from various sources.
  2. The data is used to test and evaluate products designed to protect against spam and viruses.
  3. The vendors of these products use VB’s results to measure the effectiveness of their products, address issues, or create the next generation.

How Does VB Rate Abusix Mail Intelligence?

Abusix Mail Intelligence has a catch rate of more than 99 percent for both spam and malware. Furthermore, AMI blocks threats in real-time to prevent malicious messages from reaching inboxes and/or email servers. AMI can block emerging threats in a matter of seconds while competing products normally take minutes to identify and block an emerging threat.

AMI is not a traditional blacklist. A traditional blacklist requires the identification of a threat and its inclusion on the list before protection is possible. According to an article posted on SecurityBoulevard.com, during the third quarter of 2018, there was an increase of 43 percent in unique malware variants. AMI aggregates and processes information from a wide range of sources and allows real-time lookups of threat data to deliver trustworthy results with very few false positives.

The Advantages of Abusix Mail Intelligence

With each passing year, cybersecurity professionals have faced new challenges. The threat surface continues to expand and evolve as cybercriminals improve their skills and become better at orchestrating attacks. At the same time, many companies face a shortage of qualified candidates for cybersecurity positions and/or a shortage of funds to hire the best. Therefore, they find themselves reacting to incidents instead of preventing incidents from occurring.

The overwhelming majority of businesses cannot thrive without email and internet access. Sadly, educating users cannot prevent them from ever committing an unwise action. Potentially, all it takes to infect an entire network with malware is for one user to click on a malicious link in a spam message. Since there is no way to control every action that a user might take, the best defense is to control what reaches the user’s inbox.

Abusix Mail Intelligence offers comprehensive protection against spam and malicious emails. AMI is easy to install, integrate, and use, offers real-time blocking of emerging threats, and provides full transparency into the reasons why an IP was blocked.  Sign up for a free trial to put AMI to the test yourself.

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