Blog , 24 Apr 2019

Can a High Spam Catch Rate Coexist With a Low Rate of False Positives?

Tobias Knecht,

Founder and CEO, Abusix

There are many things that can be said about spammers and their messages. What began as the electronic version of junk mail has evolved to include malware attacks that can inflict significant damage. Once viewed as an annoyance, spam is now viewed with fear by most cybersecurity professionals and many users. Spam has been the driving force behind numerous products designed to filter or block unwanted messages. At the same time, protecting against spam has created a great deal of confusion among cybersecurity experts. There is also no question that spam costs ISPs a substantial amount of money every year in bandwidth, reputation, and time.

One problem that those who design products to detect and block spam face is finding the appropriate level of sensitivity. If the product is not sensitive enough, it will fail to block many messages that it should. However, if it is too sensitive, it can trigger false positives and block messages that should be delivered to the user’s mailbox. Therefore, many people question whether a product can have a high catch rate for spam and a low rate of false positives. The answer is that it can, and Abusix Mail Intelligence is proof.

How Effective Is Abusix Mail Intelligence?

Abusix Mail Intelligence can successfully block more than 99 percent of spam. Domains and IP addresses are known for spamming, malware, and ransomware are blocked. AMI blocks zero-reputation domains, dynamic IP addresses, and TOR exit points. Spam trap hits are blocked as well as domains and IP addresses appearing on URL blacklists. Real-time emerging threats are identified and blocked in seconds, providing superior protection against zero-day attacks.

What Makes Abusix Mail Intelligence Superior?

Abusix utilizes trap and sensor networks that allow the company to see more spam than any other company in the market. In turn, Abusix can provide Service Providers and enterprises with accurate, informed decision-making capabilities. At the same time, Abusix’s familiarity with and knowledge of the environment helps eliminate false positives that can themselves be highly disruptive.

Is Abusix Mail Intelligence Cumbersome to Install?

AMI provides flexible deployment options that make it easy to install and integrate with existing infrastructure, including spam filters and mail servers. As a DNSBL service, AMI is a seamless, fiber-connected, cloud-based product that runs on hardened AWS architecture. Although better results are obtained by using the DNS query with Abusix’s virtual appliance, AMI can also be used with rsync. However, it is important to remember that rsync protocols cause longer dwell times than using the DNSBL service with the virtual appliance. In cyberspace, even one second can make a world of difference, so the 10 minutes it can take for rsync can be a virtual eternity when compared to the millisecond required for DNSBL.

More About Abusix and Abusix Mail Intelligence

For many years, Abusix has been considered a leading authority on tracking and resolving threats to networks. Abusix Raw Intelligence delivers an unmatched view of the threats lurking in cyberspace. Zero-day detection of new variants of malware, automatic detection of sites that have been compromised, and the identification of drive-by downloads are just some of the benefits offered by Abusix Mail Intelligence.

The Next Step to Take

Spammers and cybercriminals will keep plying their trades as long as there is some type of profit to be made from their activities. Abusix Mail Intelligence creates a seamless, hardened barrier between you and those who want to exploit your company, your employees, and your customers. You deserve the best protection you can find, so contact Abusix for a free consultation. Or take our blocklists for a test drive, try it free for 14 days.

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