Blog , 31 Aug 2017

How Network Abuse Is Mitigated Using AbuseHQ

Tobias Knecht,

Founder and CEO, Abusix

Many Abuse Analysts and Managers’ primary problem is that they are spread far too thinly. There are myriad responsibilities and tasks that must get done every day. Often, all of those tasks do not get done, resulting in the next day(s) being ever more stressful. The last thing they want is to spend a greater amount of time and energy on trudging through a muck of tasks than they do on dealing with meaningful threats and dangerous abuse cases.

Many Abuse Analysts and Managers’ most pressing problem is that they are spread far too thinly. Abuse teams routinely cannot complete the myriad daily responsibilities and tasks, resulting in the next day(s) being ever more stressful from backlogs. The question then arises: How can work be organized and processed more efficiently?

Updated In The Blink Of An Eye

AbuseHQ provides a workflow that manages abuse reports automatically and classifies abuse by event type and identifies timeframes by customers. In doing so, it relieves Abuse Analysts, Managers, and their abuse teams of grunt work and allows the teams to quickly identify the most pressing abuse events. It refocuses time spent and resources used on where they are needed: time-sensitive, dangerous threats instead of tasks that are tedious and should be automated.

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Imagine a world where you can get an overview of the most pressing issues in the blink of an eye and determine what needs to happen with it on the fly. Abuse teams do not need to sort through thousands of individual incident reports or sift through spam. Rather, they can instantaneously allocate their precious time to handling abuse and shutting it down at its source. It transforms an abuse team from resembling a bureaucratic nightmare into an action-driven machine on performing its preventive function.

Get The Most Out Of AbuseHQ

What’s more, the benefits of AbuseHQ extend beyond internal improvements in efficiency and results. Customer experiences and satisfaction rates will improve now that threats are properly organized, managed, and dealt with proactively. It helps teams focus on innovative and rewarding initiatives, which compound your benefits and allow you to stay pace with the changing network threat environment. Abuse teams are smart and resourceful; you want to make the most out of their potential to contribute.

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AbuseHQ mitigates the burdens of network abuse by automating grueling tasks and equipping your team with the tools it needs to function in a modern network environment. With it, you can easily solve specific and significant abuse issues related to abusive systems and your customers. Talk to our team to see what AbuseHQ can do for your organization!

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