Blog , 11 Oct 2016

How A Network Abuse Solution Protects Yourself And Your Customers

Tobias Knecht,

Founder and CEO, Abusix

You may not realize how stressful the job is for your abuse team in weeding out abusive behavior within your customer base. Since abuse is such a prevalent problem in these environments, your customers are responsible for the flood of countless emails singling out incidents that may or may not have top priority and your abuse team has to answer these questions sooner rather later.

With abuse reports being so prevalent, how do you find the real threats in a never-ending stream of reports? It’s like finding the needle in the haystack. But not knowing to look for a needle or maybe a spoon or a paperclip.

Spending too much time on low-priority cases only wastes time when your abuse team could scope out the real abuse cases. As a solution, a new network abuse platform is perhaps in order for you after experiencing damaging cases in the past.

Here’s how a network abuse solution protects yourself and your customers so the latter won’t leave your online environment in frustration.

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Reducing Abuse to Others

Subscriber networks of ISPs and Hosting Companies are the places where abuse is mainly originating from. Not being able to properly manage these abusers can start to affect your own reputation over time, which could become disastrous for all your customers, not only the ones directly affected. And as we all know your customer problems are your problems.

For your abuse team, it places a huge burden on them when the system you have in place doesn’t properly detail which abuse reports are high or low priority. Much like physical security teams, they’d get the brunt of the blame if something serious happened because they couldn’t catch it in time.

The above becomes even more serious if the abusive behavior leads to an act of terror that threatens lives. With a better network abuse solution in place, you’ll better analyze network attacks or abuse incidents in the network infrastructure.

Reduce Compromised Infections

Cyber attacks continue to grow, and the list of them is enough to overwhelm in how harmful they are. You, as an ISP or Hosting Company, are indirectly supporting these attacks by mostly unknowingly and hopefully always unwillingly supporting these attacks with your infrastructure. On top of all that, you are doing it for free.

When you have a network abuse solution clustering and prioritizing network threats, you are able to better use your available resources. This will make a big difference.

Reducing Risk and Cost

Keeping the door open to potential risk just places an added layer of stress on your abuse teams. Why give your network security employees added pressure in knowing that anything could happen at any time if they make the wrong decision while handling abuse reports?

You want a network solution with the ability to customize to your unique environment since every service provider is slightly different. By reducing risk, you also give more peace of mind to customers, because they know you’ll take good care of them when they need it. Look at it as an added service.

More so, you reduce costs by having an automated solution that better organizes serious abuse cases. Otherwise, you’d have to spend extra money on more resources and time to properly research cases getting the most complaints.

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Increasing Available Metrics

Using metrics to determine what’s occurring in your company is already essential in a time when too many blind spots become a liability. While you may have metrics for other departments, it’s imperative to have it for your abuse desk as well.

Abusix’s platform and AbuseHQ feature can easily detect abuse happening in your network.

Contact us to learn more about how this works and what it can do to protect your reputation through any issue. Download the abuse agent’s guide to receive some useful tips and tricks.

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