Blog , 04 Nov 2016

DDoS Attacks Are The Digital Global Warming – Let’s Do Something About It

Tobias Knecht,

Founder and CEO, Abusix

Another week, another DDoS attack. The effects of DDoS attacks are all over the internet and are no different from earlier attacks of similar size. There have been billions of dollars in damage from the attacks, while attackers continue to develop and implement more sophisticated tactics.

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A Toxic Environment

It’s comparable to the global warming epidemic, (though global warming is admittedly, much worse). Our vital online resources and communities are polluted, just like our environment. Similar to the heavily documented rise in sea level and increasing amounts of deforestation, networks are flooded with infected computers, destructive software, and harmful viruses.

Much like global warming, these factors only contribute to a toxic environment that helps attackers launch harmful DDoS attacks. The continued counterproductive actions and tendency to turn a blind eye to DDoS attacks are also the same as global warming. Even with overwhelming evidence of global warming, just like an overwhelming amount of DDoS attacks, there are still people who prioritize wealth, shareholders, and corporate politics over public safety and wellness.

Let’s Change Our Thinking

We know both of these problems are made by mankind. We know that we have to change our thinking and our behavior. But it’s easier to feign ignorance and to rationalize easier, more profitable decisions. However, while these decisions are being made, attackers are diligently building their networks, taking advantage of our apathy.

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Let’s stop turning away from these problems and start perceiving them as challenges to overcome. Let’s stop apologizing and take action. Instead of finger-pointing, assigning blame, or waiting for the issues to resolve themselves, let’s work together to clean up the mess.

As global and internet communities, it’s our responsibility to take action. Abusix is dedicated to the cause, working to decrease fraudulent activity online. We develop productive, unified processes and solutions to make the internet a safer, cleaner place.

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