Blog , 09 Nov 2017

What Is Inbound Processing and Why Is It Important?

Tobias Knecht,

Founder and CEO, Abusix

Inbound processing, AbuseHQ style, allows you to take a clean flowchart style approach to abuse report and event processing.

Automating inbound processing means, you spend less time looking at and trying to organize and understand reports, and more time addressing issues.  

Sound’s nice? Just wait, it gets better.

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Why Inbound Processing in AbuseHQ Matters to You

AbuseHQ’s inbound processing instantly makes you and your team more effective. On average, it reduces time spent managing abuse and handling abuse reports by 75%.

AbuseHQ allows everyone on the team to be more effective in keeping your network safe, keeping the internet safe from compromised and fraudulent hosts within your network, and keeping your subscribers safe.

To view more technical documentation on inbound processing, visit our Knowledge Base.

The benefits of inbound processing include:

  • Related events are automatically clustered under a common identifier with their associated abuse reports, letting you track and resolve abuse issues quickly.
  • Network resources, data centers, and service ranges (e.g.: business vs consumer, etc.) are tagged to help you identify, sort, filter, and report against.
  • Subscriber identifiers, which include product or service details, are included under case details through an API interface and/or X-Headers.
  • All abuse events are automatically tagged with a reporter and abuse event type.
  • Messages can be filtered and rerouted as full reports so that they always reach the right group or person.

Click here to learn how to use inbound processing with AbuseHQ.

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