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StackPath: A Web Services Provider With Zero Open Abuse Cases


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StackPath provides web services (CDN, VPN, WAF, etc.) to more than 1 million customers ranging from early-stage enterprises to Fortune 100 organizations.

Stackpath is on a mission to build a holistic scalable security platform designed to meet the needs of the business today and as they grow.


StackPath’s aggressive acquisition-based growth strategy caused a sharp rise in the number of abuse cases and complexity, requiring simpler but more robust abuse and
security orchestration, automation, and response solution.

The team was also wasting precious time creating custom rules and parsers to coax other solutions into doing what they needed, and consequently, they were eager to find the right answer for their growing challenges.

StackPath also needed a way to easily and quickly prioritize, research, and respond, to close out reports by automating metadata extraction, grouping related events, automating responses, and creating case level tickets.


AbuseHQ had the right stuff out of the box and quickly reduced their open abuse cases within weeks, to a manageable number.

Out of the box, AbuseHQ included the flexible automation they needed, eliminating the need to write code.

StackPath leverages AbuseHQ, looking for every opportunity to scale abuse and security management economically and effectively.


The most important outcome for the team is that they’re no longer drowning in cases.

Handling abuse tickets faster has allowed StackPath to subscribe to more third-party data sources, enriching the data it receives to better protect its network and its

A small couple person abuse team now handles a workload that would normally take an entire department of 6 or more analysts because of the efficiency that AbuseHQ offers.

The Customer

StackPath is a platform of secure internet services built at the cloud’s edge. Over the past two years, the company has expanded by acquiring multiple companies and by growing its lines of business.

Today, it offers a full suite of mission-critical security web services to global enterprise clients, startups, and companies in-between. With no sign of slowing down, StackPath is looking for every opportunity to scale abuse management economically and effectively.

The Situation

As StackPath grew so did its abuse problems. Every time they acquired a new company, that company’s servers, and services would bring along their own set of problems.

StackPath’s Abuse Department felt overwhelmed as it struggled to keep up with the influx of abuse reports. They needed a solution that could help them quickly prioritize, research, and close reports by leveraging automated rules and grouping related tickets.

The Solution

StackPath’s staff includes highly experienced abuse management personnel. People who’ve been in the industry since the beginning. They had worked with other abuse management solutions before, but they couldn’t find one with everything they needed. The biggest item on their wishlist was automatic rules for processing incoming abuse mail.

Other solutions could handle some of their needs, but they required too much maintenance. While using solutions at previous companies prior to creating StackPath, their teams had to write new rules each week to cover every type of abuse report they received.

This resulted in too many rules, forcing the team to run quarterly audits to eliminate unnecessary, inaccurate, or redundant rules. They knew they did not want to start with that solution at StackPath.

StackPath never stopped searching for a better option and they found it in AbuseHQ. Out of the box it included the rules they needed, eliminating the need to write and push new rules.

This was a huge time saver for the Abuse Department. Additionally, AbuseHQ provided a true cloud experience. Using a SaaS solution was a good fit for StackPath’s company culture and saved them from dealing with a bulky abuse management infrastructure in-house.

The Results

Once StackPath learned to use AbuseHQ, they knew that they’d found the best solution. Today, their abuse management process looks and feels totally different:

The most important outcome for the team is that they’re no longer drowning in cases. Their heads are above water and they can focus on other parts of their abuse management process. This allows them to be proactive and provide a truly secure experience for their customers.

Picture of Ryan Carter Stackpath

Using the product and knowing that there were literally zero abuse cases open is a huge relief. I never felt that way in the past. The previous products we’ve used didn’t provide that level of comfort.

— Ryan Carter, VP, Security & Compliance, StackPath

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