Blog , 24 Jan 2019

Why Forward Abuse Reports from Your Abuse Address into AbuseHQ?

Tobias Knecht,

Founder and CEO, Abusix

Enterprise-level software solutions make big claims about how they’ll revolutionize your way of doing things while saving time and money…but you’re not naive. You know that even if they can deliver on their claims, there’s got to be some hidden pains along the way. After all, setting up new software and seeing how you’ll benefit from it can be hard.

Testing AbuseHQ with real abuse reports is easy. All you need to do is forward a copy of your abuse@ email traffic. Taking this step is the best way to understand the positive impact and benefits AbuseHQ will have on your organization. 

To view more technical documentation on forwarding your data, visit our  Knowledge Base.

Why Forward Your Abuse Reports?

The best way to test drive a car is to take it on familiar routes and see how the car handles. The same thing is true when you’re testing software. Understanding how the software you’re testing interacts with the challenges you face on a daily basis is essential to knowing if it can actually solve your challenges.

So, if you’re considering AbuseHQ, then testing it with your own abuse reports is a must. Here are a few other reasons why you should forward a copy of your abuse report

Immediate value: Forwarding your abuse reports (the data) lets you see your network and its abuse problems in a new light. AbuseHQ will display your abuse report data visually to give you a new perspective on your network. Seeing trends and impacts in real-time will inspire improvements, insights, and solutions to problems you’ve been dealing with for far too long. Trend statistics will also help you be proactive about your organization’s security and neutralize future threats.

Organized reports: As abuse reports are received, they’re run through 450+ parsers. These parsers create events, which are then clustered into cases, which link to one or more of the original abuse reports. When an agent opens a case, they see all the details and history for it which helps them be more efficient at resolving issues.

Prioritization: Reviewing a few hundred cases that all contain additional parameters makes prioritization very simple. You can prioritize phishing cases over spam cases or simply look at the event count of all cases. Working through them has never been this simple before. Dealing with the right threats at the right time is the most effective use of your resources and can instantly increase the effectiveness of your team in managing abuse and ensuring customer trust and safety.

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Clear workflows: Having a clear process for handling each type of case in semiautomatic and automatic modes can dramatically increase agent productivity. AbuseHQ includes a built-in set of workflow rules and lets you easily create custom workflows. This allows it to seamlessly integrate with your organization’s way of doing things.

AbuseHQ makes understanding abuse reports and issues simple so that you can focus on securing your network. But is it just as simple to set up and start seeing immediate benefits? Read our next blog post to learn how to forward your data using AbuseHQ.

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