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Vodafone Ireland partners with Abusix to Handle Copyright Complaints

Karlsruhe, Germany, November 30, 2021: Abusix, a network security company that offers solutions for mail security and abuse report handling, announced today a partnership with Vodafone Ireland who has been using their SaaS abuse management platform AbuseHQ, to manage their copyright complaints. 

By using AbuseHQ as part of their management system, Vodafone Ireland now has the ability to quickly extract any pertinent data that may be subpoenaed or ordered by a court, as well as improve their data retention abilities. 

 “Abusix gives us peace of mind, being sure we operate within the legal boundaries that are required for copyright matters,” said Rory Ardagh, Vodafone Ireland. “Abusix has enabled us to improve service to our customers further by notifying them about security issues sooner.”

AbuseHQ is already being used by Vodafone Ireland to help their platform build the process needed to handle copyright complaints in a legally sound way. Should a complaint be sent to Vodafone, AbuseHQ will automatically perform the three strikes notification process mandated by IRMA allowing Vodafone to stay in compliance with the court’s ruling. In the last 120-days alone, Vodafone has experienced 1,400 complaints from IRMA, and 5,000 complaints from all over the world.

Vodafone has been using the Abusix technology since the start of 2020.

“By working with our team, Vodafone has been able to fully automate their three strikes notification complaint process,” said Tobias Knecht, founder and CEO of Abusix. “We have allowed them to identify, automate, notify and track their complaints for both legacy and non-legacy customers. It has been rewarding to see what our abuse management platform AbuseHQ can do for businesses today.”

Abusix helps businesses reduce risk, protect subscribers, and increase profit margins through their process automation tools. Abusix works with several ISPs, Cloud and Hosting Providers as well as Enterprises to identify and neutralize abuse in real-time, helping them to manage the increasing levels of global network abuse within their own networks.

The PR can be found on PRNewswire here.

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