Blog , 29 Dec 2016

Data Sources for the Abuse Desk

Tobias Knecht,

Founder and CEO, Abusix

As an internet service provider (ISP) or hosting provider, you need to get your hands on as much quality network abuse data as possible. This will help get you to gain a complete view of how well your network is functioning.

There are many different sources that are available. Some are free, and some are paid services–and a lot of them also cover many different areas and types of network abuse. This list will be updated as new sources become available or discovered.

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Network Abuse Data Sources

These sources report abuse generated by traps, brand protection providers or user complaints and are specific in nature.

Spamhaus PBL
Spamcop (Cisco)
Google Safe Browsing reports for ASNs

Spam Related Data Sources

Feedback Loop Reports are generated when ordinary users of mailboxes mark mails as spam.

AOL FBL signup
Comcast FBL Signup
Cox FBL Signup
Earthlink Send email to
Excite FBL Signup
Fastmail FBL Signup
Gmail FBL Signup FBL Signup
Outlook JMRPP Signup
Rackspace FBL Signup
Roadrunner FBL Signup
Synacor FBL Signup
Telenor NO FBL Signup
Terra BR FBL Signup
Tucows FBL Signup FBL Signup
Yahoo FBL Signup
Zoho FBL Signup

Other Spam Based Sources

Abusix Commercial
BoomFeeds Commercial
Koli-Löks Commercial
Project Honeypot Commercial
Threatwave Commercial

Are we missing a source? Contact us here and let us know!

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