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Are You Using Prehistoric Processes?

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If you’re working with an outdated abuse network, you’re still leaps and bounds ahead of many organizations who have nothing in place to handle network abuse issues. However, is your system as efficient as possible? Does it handle anything that’s thrown at it? Can it scale with your business as it grows?

Your prehistoric processes are certainly better than no processes at all, but are you seeking to achieve the minimum protection? Moving beyond your creaky old tools and processes will help your organization move to the next level. Read on to learn what an updated system can do to improve and upgrade your systems

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System Automation

If your company is like most, you’ll never have the manpower necessary to manually address all of the abuse reports that roll in every day. It’s a task that feels like it’s never finished, and the high-priority issues are buried in an unrelenting avalanche of minor spam reports. How could you possibly deal with serious threats when you spend your day wading through less pressing problems?

An up-to-date abuse network will manage the sheer volume of the reports as well as sort and classify the reports by type of abuse event. AbuseHQ can effectively classify more than 50 event types, enabling your team to address the most serious events first, leaving the spam reports for their downtime.


Your business is growing, and your tech is becoming more sophisticated. Is your abuse network capable of scaling up with the rest of the business? Can it handle an increase in volume, or will it fail you just when you need it most?

Abuse is a serious issue, and you need an abuse network that will not just keep up with the issues that arise, but get in front of them before they grow out of control. Even minor problems such as spam are increasing in volume and in scope. Once classified as a simple irritant, spam can now contain malicious attachments that could lead to cybertheft on a massive scale. At a minimum, it will slow bandwidth, which will then send customers directly into the arms of another provider. Upgrade your abuse network and you’ll be able to cope with the newest technology and the increasingly complex forms of abuse that will come your way.


A state-of-the-art abuse network will also allow you to accomplish more work in less time. In fact, it’s possible that work that now takes a team of seven a whole workday to clear could be achieved in far less time with far fewer people.

A product like AbuseHQ enables your network abuse team to be smaller, tighter, and more efficient. They won’t be spending their entire day sifting through reports when they could be addressing higher-level problems and creating a rock-solid plan to deal with the ever-growing threat of cyberattacks. A small team can work efficiently and more productively than an unwieldy team that requires constant checking in to ensure that reports aren’t being worked at the same time or contrasting solutions aren’t being suggested.

Up-To-The-Minute Data

While older processes require users to carefully examine every report to find what they’re looking for, bogging them down in old, outdated information rather than the latest data, a more current option will offer you the real-time data that you need to resolve pressing problems.

The most timely reports will help users prevent the spread of abuse across an entire network. For example, Norway’s number one supplier of telecommunications and data service, Telenor Norway, uses AbuseHQ’s real-time reporting to respond quickly to protect the privacy and security of its customers. They can shut down compromised machines and address the problem before it affects others. This not only maintains a stable and secure network, but it also lends credibility to Telenor Norway’s brand.

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If your processes are stuck in the dark ages, it’s time to adopt an updated abuse platform. Failure to adapt to current practices can lead to an increase in abuse, endangering your network, and the customers who use it.

AbuseHQ from Abusix integrates into existing infrastructures to provide the capabilities necessary to reduce abuse and support tickets, allowing teams to spend less time on abuse issues. To find out more about how AbuseHQ can help abuse desks perform at their optimum, talk to our team to arrange a trial.

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