Blog , 19 Sep 2016

15 Reaction Gifs That Every Abuse Analyst Can Relate To

Tobias Knecht,

Founder and CEO, Abusix

As an internet service provider or hosting provider, you have to understand the frustrations that your abuse team goes through on a daily basis. Thousands of tickets are probably sitting in the inbox right now and the list is never-ending. These reaction GIFs are something that we know every abuse analyst out there can relate to.

1. Seriously, Again?


When that one person makes the same mistake over and over and the abuse team has had enough. They have been warned and they do it again, almost as if to see if they can somehow suddenly get away with it.

2. No, No, No


The emails just keep pouring in and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. And there simply aren’t enough people available to keep up with it all.

3. I Just…Can’t


There is ticket confusion everywhere and no one knows where to start, almost to the point that it is causing everyone to be on edge and they don’t know what to say without yelling.

4. I Don’t Know


None of the tickets make any sense and it seems as though they are all missing at least some kind of detail. Didn’t I just see that same one come in 5 minutes ago? It leaves the person on the abuse team feeling as though they are all alone with no starting point.

5. Not It!


There has been a security breach and no one wants to be the one to tell the boss for fear of being told that it was their fault or they should have recognized it sooner.

6. Umm, No


Uh oh, thousands of similar complaints just came in. When such a mess arrives in the email inbox, and no one on the team really knows how to begin tackling it.

7. You Take It


Hey Carl, can you take this? When your coworker asks you to handle the boatload of tickets that just came in.

8. Where am I?


When someone has gotten completely lost in the RIR whois databases and can’t make sense out of who belongs to what.

9. Holy Crap!


Fraud has taken place and there’s no way to figure out where it came from, how big of an issue it is, or how to get the problem under control so that it doesn’t happen again.

10. It’s YOUR Fault


A subscriber points the finger back at the abuse team instead of owning as to why they ended up on the blacklist on their own, especially after the subscriber has been talked to about an issue in the past.

11. Oh. My. God.


When someone on the abuse team finds out that a person didn’t have a firewall up on their computer, even after being told that they should have one because of what was going on.

12. Why? Why? Why?


A new IT person on the abuse team learns that there weren’t precautionary features in place, such as an outbox filter that could have prevented a variety of the issues that are taking place around the provider.

13. Whatever


What happens every time someone on the abuse team gets a ton of emails and there is no kind of prioritization in place. Well…I suppose that one looks important.

14. Finally!


When an issue finally gets resolved to the point that it is no longer appearing in the inboxes. It’s one less issue for anyone on the abuse team to have to worry about, which is going to make everyone’s life a little bit easier.

15. Just Forget It

Someone on the abuse team has a breakthrough on an issue and just as they are about to make it known to everyone, a major issue has come up and everyone is trying to figure out what to do about it.

Life at the abuse desk can be tough. Abusix can help get rid of many of these frustrations. At glance, be able to know which threats are most important that require your attention, as well as groupings of similar threats so you can save time on duplicate efforts.

It’s time to stop going through the inbox one ticket at a time–download the abuse agents guide below to see how!

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