Blog , 30 Mar 2021

Meet the Team: Ramdip

Tamara Hurtmann,

Global Marketing Manager

1. What is your role at Abusix?

Student Software Development

2. When did you join the Abusix team?

July  2020

3. What do you like most about working here?

The flexibility of how I arrange my working hours. I can come to the office at any time or just decide that I will work from home. Also, I have an office key so I can even come at the weekend to work in the office with its superior atmosphere on my bachelor thesis! Furthermore, I enjoy the free drinks, and that I can work mostly independently on my problems (basically not much hand-holding). This shows me that the team trusts me that I can work on my own. 🙂

4. What does an average day for you look like?

The alarm goes off at 8 am. Thinking, “wow, that’s early” and going back to sleep. Waking up at 9 am. Remembering that I wanted to be in the office by 9 am that’s why the alarm went off at 8 am. Breakfast + preparing lunch. Arrive in the office by bicycle between 10 and 11 am. Create the daily stand-up with the geekbot which consists of remembering what I worked on last and writing down what I want to get done today. Start working. Make my coworkers sad by telling them that I can’t go out for lunch because I have taken something to eat with me at around 12 pm. Eat lunch at around 4 pm. Grab a free drink from the refrigerator. Continue working until 5-8 pm..

5. What is the most challenging part of your job?

Deciding what would be the best solution for the current problem without overengineering something or creating too much technical debt. So most of the time, I have multiple approaches in my head which may vary between the time they take to implement/try out and their “success rate” in solving the problem without creating further problems (or at least not more than I started with :D). So I need to decide which approach I should try first while trying not to waste time on ideas that won’t work in the end (but even then, in the end, I have learned something by learning why it won’t work this way). Sometimes, it’s also very hard to acknowledge that I should stop pursuing an idea and fixing the problems which come up along the way (which brings me back to “deciding which approach I should try first”) because those problems will probably not stop showing up along the way.

6. How would you explain your job to your mom?

Sit in front of the computer. Tell it what to do. Hope it understands eventually 😀

7. Which sources help you to stay up to date?

Internet? 😀 my Google skills (Google-fu)

8. What is your favorite app you couldn’t live without?

404 Answer not found

9. What are your passions/ hobbies/ interests?

Climbing, running, programming, making music (piano or guitar – but I must admit, I haven’t picked up my guitar in a while..)

10. Tell us a random fact about you!

I can clap with only one hand! 😀

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