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We are happy to share our data with researchers and academics all over the world to constantly empower all different levels of security experts and those that want to become one.

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Are you looking for reliable research data?

We’ve teamed up with the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, part of the Univerity of Cambridge to provide all of our raw spam trap data to academics for research into cybercrime.

If you want to access our data, the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre will let you know how to access our data.

Spam is a problem that occurs at scale, and for years it has been pretty much impossible for academics to obtain spam feeds at a sufficient scale to do any useful work. Our collaboration with Abusix means that Cambridge gets enormous amounts of spam feed data, but more importantly, because we will be sharing the data, other academics can contribute their expertise as well.

— Dr. Richard Clayton , Director, Cambridge Cybercrime Centre Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

What does this service cost me?

This service is free-of-charge as we’d like to contribute to a safer internet environment. People who share the same thoughts and mindest should cooperate and help each other out. Enjoy our data and get the most out of it!

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