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Using Abusix can help Telcos rapidly shut down botnet IPs that are active behind their DMZ and track new potential threats within their network to prevent network abuse and fraud.

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Challenges & Solutions

Telcos build, operate, and manage complex network infrastructures and store vast amounts of sensitive data, making them a top target for cyberattacks. Read below how Absuix can help you with the most common challenges you may face.

Customer Protection

Speed up response, make business operations simpler, and improve your customer service and loyalty. With

AbuseHQ, you’ll automate processes, so the customer complaints won’t line up, and will eventually be taken care of automatically.

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Bad Network Reputation

Abuse complaints about filtered or bounced email, unable to access certain websites, or being asked to complete CAPTCHAs is a sign of bad network reputation that can cause you to lose customers to your competitors.

Abusix Mail Intelligence can help with your email reputation while AbuseHQ can help to improve your network reputation.

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Staying Focused

Stay one step ahead of adversaries, even when they try to change tactics, with clear, well-attributed account cases that reduce ticket volume, eliminate confusion, and focus operators’ efforts.

With AbuseHQ, you can report priorities determined by business context metrics such as risk management and efficiency.

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Legal Challenges

Reduce subscriber security and vulnerability issues, network abuse, and fraud in a network quickly, thereby dramatically decreasing legal risk and related costs.

AbuseHQ provides your organization with the right tools should you need to quickly put measures in place in order to protect your company against lawsuits.

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Success Stories

Take a look at our customers' success stories to see what Abusix is capable of.rn

AbuseHQ is our network abuse command center. It helped us quickly integrate our abuse handling processes into the Telenor Norway SOC. Now we have a continuous and comprehensive perspective on both current and historical abuse activity

— Vegar Åsmul, Crime Protection & Public Security, Telenor.

Case Study

AbuseHQ removed a huge manual burden from our team. It reduced most of the noise coming into our abuse inbox and helped us prioritize the important alerts without a human needing to review every complaint.

— Mike White, Legal Ops, DigitalOcean.

Case Study

Abusix has been amazing to work with. They are very agile and responsive. The level of automation we have been able to achieve with them continues to impress me.

— Ryan Carter, VP, Security & Compliance, StackPath.

Case Study

AbuseHQ is almost everything I want and need from an automated abuse handling solution. It's flexible, easy to use, and very powerful, letting me handle complaints the way I want to. Where it can’t do exactly what I want, Abusix steps in to either build a way to do it anyway or help with an alternative solution.

— Dennis van Drunen, Senior Abuse Specialist, KPN.

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