How does delisting work?

When you request a delist, we process the delist immediately by removing the offending item from the relevant list(s).

  1. Don’t panic!

    Don’t take it personally, everybody has issues at some point – we’re not interested in penalizing you, we just want to get the problem fixed and to get you delisted ASAP.

    If you have received a “bounce message” stating that your message has been rejected by Abusix Mail Intelligence, then this will usually include a clickable link e.g. – so click this link which will then show you which lists you are listed on.

  2. Either click this link in your bounce message or go directly to our Lookup and Delisting page
  3. Enter the listed IP/domain.
  4. If the IP/domain shows as being listed hit the red button: “Remove from list”
  5. You’ll get either forwarded to your existing Abusix account or you’ll get asked to create a free account on our portal
  6. Confirm your email address and log into your account (if you use this service for the first time)
  7. Follow the instructions within the portal to remove your IP/domain from the blocklists.

Do you need help? Get in touch with our team via chat or send us an email at [email protected]

For all blocklists, except for our Policy blocklist, we remove the listing entry immediately, but you will be immediately relisted should we see any further traffic exhibiting the same behavior that caused the listing in the first place.

Policy blocklist

Any delists on the Policy Blocklist are effectively permanent exceptions – you won’t ever be relisted and the exception will remain until we notice that the rDNS has been updated for your IP address (at which point we will re-test it and remove it if it isn’t required anymore).

Check out more videos on delisting:

“Why Are My Delisting Requests Limited?”

“I am an Abusix Customer – Why Am I Still Getting Listed on your Blocklists?”

“Why Are My Delistings Limited, Although I am an Abusix Customer?”


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Do you want to remove your IP/domain from one of our blocklists?
Please use our lookup-service and follow the instructions there in order to get that resolved.