Help – I’m listed on the Policy Blocklist

The policy blocklist is a preemptive blocklist to combat botnet spam which can appear suddenly on any IP address, so the Policy blacklist lists ranges of IP addresses based on their rDNS that would not normally send email directly to MX but instead should use their ISP provided mail relay to send mail.

It’s a generally accepted practice that hosts that send email should have a non-generic reverse DNS that ideally matches the A record of the returned name (FCrDNS) and that should also reflect the hostname of the email server and your domain name (rather than the ISP/hosters domain name). Doing this will ensure better deliverability of your email than not doing so and is required for certain forms of whitelisting based on hostname.

Having said all that – this is a relatively common misconfiguration for small businesses or for admins that are not email savvy and it is not our intention to cause you issues or to force you to change your rDNS (although for the reasons above, you really should!), so you can request an immediate delist and we will make a permanent exception in the Policy blocklist for your IP address and you can start sending email again within a few minutes.

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