You Know You Work On An Abuse Team When...


You Know You Work On An Abuse Team When…

An abuse team has to deal with so many reports, and the end is never in sight.

They are responsible for outbound spam filters, handling blacklistings, handling compromised subscribers and systems within their network, and so much more. They simply have too many reports to look through and are frequently working long hours and even weekends…So what’s it truly like to be a part of an abuse team? If you can relate to these images, then you know.

Just Another Day in the Office

This is what just another day at the office looks like. Abuse teams are almost always swamped with work with spam reports that fill up the abuse@ inbox. They do their work and just when they have gotten through all of the reports (as if that ever really happens), there is some more that come piling in afterward.

Fight to the Death


Sometimes, it feels as though spam is a personal attack on your life. Abuse teams make it their mission to find and fight the spam so that it stops appearing. They won’t stop until they have cleared it all out. If only they could look as cool fighting as this guy.

We Can Dream


But unfortunately, abuse teams do not only face piles of abuse reports that they have to handle, they also face huge amounts of incoming spam. It seems like the bad guys want to make it even harder and distract them from their mission even more. The pity in all this is, that abuse teams can not use spam filters themselfes for their abuse@ mailbox. Filtering for spam, when you received thousands of reports about spam, with spam attached might sound like a lazy good idea, but it will not solve the problem at all.

Getting a Good Laugh


When people talk about how they know when email is safe because of “who” sends it. It’s not always Google, even if that’s what the return address happens to say. When will people ever learn?

That’s Not How it Works


When someone talks about how they are going to be making a fortune soon because of an email they got.

Many people don’t know how to decipher spam when they see it and don’t realize that it’s someone who is trying to get financial info from them. Financial scams are amongst the top forms of spam and it’s always those on the abuse team that laughs the loudest.

This is What Happens


When someone asks about what a DDoS attack is and how it happens, it’s hard for abuse team members not to find a little humor. This is for everyone that have likely tried to blame aliens for the attack on at least one occasion. They are also able to do it with a straight face.



Organization is not common in the world of abuse teams. They often don’t know which way is up because of the constant number of emails that they get and they never have an organized desk. Even when it does become organized in one way or another, it’s still identified as chaos by the onlooker.

The abuse team members have it hard sometimes, but they know they are good at what they do. They know how to have fun on the job from time to time, and they can relate to one another in a way that few other people can do. They all keep fighting the good fight over and over and over again.

All jokes aside, abuse team members can get help to fight spam and other issues in a more organized way. Stop handling reports one at a time, because there is a better way. To get started with AbuseHQ platform, download the abuse agents guide now.

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