Unveiling How Network Abuse Reporting Negatively Affect Businesses cover


Unveiling How Network Abuse Reporting Negatively Affect Businesses

In my last blog, I discussed how to develop an acceptable use policy (AUP) top offenders list and why it’s essential to your business. Not only that, I would like to dive deeper into why network abuse reporting and AUP enforcement is crucial in this article.

IP Network Reputation

A dirty network means slower transit times and unreliable deliverability for things like email. They also attract bad actors whose whole purpose is to be fraudulent. These all have an impact on your “innocent” customers and their business.

There are many public groups that consist of industry specialists who monitor, collect, and publish a list of dirty networks on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

IP address and network abuse reporting

Brand Reputation

Having your company listed on these dirty network reports is a huge black eye for your company's brand that could have a negative impact on your current customers' business.

When a customer decides to migrate away from your business to another, it’s never a quick or easy decision for that customer. There are steps that you need to take to prevent your current customers from leaving.

  • Monitor your network activity
  • Have a system in place to deal with network abuse reports
  • Implement strict AUP/TOS policies
  • Create a repeat infringers policy along with a TOP X bad lost

A negative brand reputation also means you may miss out on huge new customer deals. The industry is very competitive, and customers have many options for their business needs.

Stressed Employees

Employee satisfaction at the support and abuse desk analyst level can be challenging to maintain. There’s always the feeling of playing whack-a-mole and that leads to employee fatigue.

Without the appropriate applications utilizing the use of automation, you run a huge risk of human error along with transactions “falling through the cracks”.

This is all pretty common and obvious, but have you considered the OpEx cost? Operating at a level that costs you more is a huge indicator that you need to bring in better tools and applications.

A high churn rate also comes with hidden costs that include hiring, training, and development.

It’s never too early or too late to start discussing these pain points with your leadership. Stop spinning your wheels and start developing your people and their skills!

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