Why 100 Billion Abusix Data Points Per Day Will Improve Your Email Security cover


Why 100 Billion Abusix Data Points Per Day Will Improve Your Email Security

In today's world, internet services and email have become an integral part of our daily lives. There has also been an increase in email-based threats such as phishing attacks, spam, and malware. This is where companies like Abusix come in for email security.

Over the years, Abusix has developed advanced sensors and systems that monitor and filter email traffic, combating these threats. We use data from our sensors, threat intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to identify compromised machines and malicious email senders.

Why Are Blocklists Needed?

Creating effective blocklists is challenging if you don’t have a large sensor farm and comprehensive threat intelligence. To create Abusix Mail Intelligence and blocklist.de, we collect data from multiple surfaces to create comprehensive and highly accurate blocklists. Our sensors include spam traps, honeypots, log-in interfaces, and reputation systems. We process over 100 billion data points daily, including IP addresses, domains, email addresses, message content, and payloads. Our systems take this information, and using advanced machine learning algorithms, we identify anomalies and patterns that indicate misconfigured systems and malicious activity. Our diligence, data collection, and analysis result in more effective email security systems.

Using Billions of Data Points

Because we do this work, we block these threats before their email can reach your user's inboxes or before malicious email leaves your outbound mail server when you have a compromised user. Our blocklists allow you to detect threats during the connection effectively, the smtp session, and the content phase of receipt before they can reach your inbox, reducing the likelihood of security breaches.

In conclusion, using over 100 billion data points daily, Abusix significantly improves email security and provides an added layer of security for your email.

Need help?

If you have an MTA and want your users to be more secure just get started with a free Abusix Mail Intelligence blocklist trial or contact Abusix at [email protected] to learn more. Also, stay tuned for more updates on how Abusix continually improves email security.

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