Abusix and K&W Case Study - AbuseHQ Security Environment


K&W integrates AbuseHQ into Swisscom’s Security Environment

About Swisscom

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecommunications and IT company. In the first half of 2021, with over 19,000 employees, the company generated sales of CHF 5,583 million. Swisscom is considered one of Switzerland’s most sustainable and innovative companies, massively investing in the future network.

About K&W Software

K&W Software – based in Zurich, Switzerland – has managed third-party software integration since 1998. They cover the entire life cycle of new developments – from conception to realization and maintenance.


Swisscom needed to integrate AbuseHQ, a new SaaS abuse management platform, within their existing security environment.

They needed to ensure that no customer data from their current solution gets lost throughout the change process. That’s why they were looking for a reliable integration partner that knows how to handle a complex telecommunications security infrastructure.

Customer satisfaction and an excellent network reputation are the abuse management team’s top priorities, therefore the third-party integration partner needed to prove enough experience to handle a complex infrastructure environment.


Swisscom chose K&W Software to integrate the SaaS abuse management platform AbuseHQ from Abusix, enabling Swisscom to automate the parsing and mitigation of abuse complaints.

Previous maintenance and development work made Swisscom choose K&W Software to integrate Abusix’s AbuseHQ.

The integration process included:

  • Integration of all different internal Swisscom services 
  • Implementation of additional AbuseHQ Search UI application to search for anonymized internal Swisscom data
  • Preparation of the automated process of building the application and deployment of new versions (Jenkins)
  • Integration of Kibana Logging Tool to manage all logs
  • Conducting a security audit by an external team

“Thanks to the high level of test coverage, quality was very high right from the start, and the final security and audit tests were successfully completed without any complaints.”

Peter Fankhauser, Lead Abuse Management at Swisscom.


The integration from AbuseHQ with the existing Swisscom’s security environment met 100% acceptance from the connected systems and services. Additionally, the previous abuse management software has been successfully decommissioned without further issues. 

With AbuseHQ in place, Swisscom is now fully capable of handling abuse complaints in an automated way to speed up the mitigation process, secure their customers, and keep network reputation high. Peter Frankhauser, Lead Abuse Management, added: “We are very satisfied with both AbuseHQ and the integration of K&W.”

“The communication throughout the whole project was outstanding. If there were any support issues, everybody worked together to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. The whole process was pretty smooth and highly professional.”

Andreas Moser, Head of Business Development at K&W Software

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