Case Study Post for NetProtect and Abusix


Global VPN Provider NetProtect Gains Unparalleled Visibility Into Its Network with Abusix’s SaaS Abuse Management Platform AbuseHQ

The Situation

With millions of subscribers on NetProtect’s platform, abuse is an unfortunate reality.  Mundane and repetitive work and digging through abuse inboxes was no longer an option for NetProtect’s Trust & Safety team. “This manual process was neither scalable nor efficient”, said Jacob Wall, VP of Technical Operations at NetProtect. On top of that, there was a lack of visibility and therefore prioritization on what needed to be done first.

 “We wanted to be able to understand what abuse originates from our network and prioritize our responses accordingly.”

Jacob Wall, VP of Technical Operations

The Challenge

NetProtect is constantly facing a growing number of reported abuse cases. Hiring more and more people to take manual action on those reports was neither efficient nor scalable. Wanting to prevent employee turnover and improve vendor relationships, NetProtect was looking for an automated abuse management platform.

Another challenge NetProtect was facing was how to improve its response rate. As NetProtect has to deal with thousands of subscribers and a lot of different vendors, NetProtect used to miss important responses, which, in the worst case, could lead to null routes. Therefore, they were looking for a solution that automated processes and increased response rates.

The Solution 

As NetProtect’s previous parent company was a long-time power user of the abuse management platform AbuseHQ, they were able to see the direct benefits and efficiency right away. NetProtect was also familiar with Abusix as a company, which is why they decided to go for Abusix’s AbuseHQ as their abuse management and automation platform.


The Results 

Efficient Abuse Mitigation

With AbuseHQ’s automation processes and playbooks in place, NetProtect is now able to identify and mitigate abusive behavior in their network – quick and reliable. NetProtect integrated internal and external systems to enrich data to provide a holistic view of their networks. Their Trust & Safety team now benefits from unparalleled visibility into their networks.

Higher and Quicker Response Rate

Having to deal with so many subscribers and vendors, NetProtect used to miss important responses, which, in the worst case, could lead to null routes. Now, with AbuseHQ in place, the response rate improved by 60% and the ability to keep up has led to healthier relationships.

“The visibility our Trust & Safety team gained is unparalleled. We also increased response rate by over 60% with AbuseHQ”

Jacob Wall, VP of Technical Operations

Improved Communication

As a result of the quicker response rates, communication with NetProtects’ subscribers and vendors improved drastically, which is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. With Abusix’s SaaS abuse management platform AbuseHQ, NetProtect is now able to provide the best user experience for its subscribers and vendors.

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