Cellopoint Uses Abusix Mail Intelligence To Mitigate Evolving Inbound Threats


Cellopoint, a veteran in the cybersecurity industry with a specialization in email security, partnered with Abusix to enhance its threat detection capabilities. The collaboration centered around the integration of Abusix Mail Intelligence (AMI), which offers real-time threat data through advanced blocklists (RBL/DNSBL). This partnership aimed to bolster Cellopoint’s email defense systems against spam, malware, phishing, ransomware, and zero-day exploits.

By incorporating AMI’s up-to-date domain, IP, and URL threat data into its products, Cellopoint achieved significant improvements in operational efficiency and security efficacy. Within six months of implementation, Cellopoint noted an 8% improvement in the catch rate of spam and malware, and a 5% reduction in both false positives and false negatives. Additionally, productivity, as measured by the number of cases resolved per analyst, increased by 13%. These enhancements allowed Cellopoint to better serve high-end enterprises and increase overall customer satisfaction.

The Customer

Cellopoint is a leading cybersecurity company with 20+ years of experience specializing in email security, focused on safeguarding organizations against email-borne threats and compliance risks. The company emphasizes the protection of people, data, and brand integrity through a suite of email security solutions. Cellopoint’s mission centers on making email communication safer and more secure for its users by leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies.

Cellopoint Defender and Email Threat Protection service secures organizations from a range of email-borne threats, from spam and viruses to sophisticated phishing, ransomware, and zero-day exploits. Cellopoint offers API-based cloud email security solution and Gateway-based email security solution. To secure email, Cellopoint employs a combination of global intelligence feeds, multi-layered detection, and artificial intelligence techniques. Their solutions aim to go beyond traditional single-layered defenses with a multi-faceted approach that includes anti-spam, anti-virus, domain authentication services, and protection against malicious URLs and attachments, among others​.


The Situation

Cellopoint set business objectives to expand its customer base by targeting customers with higher cybersecurity requirements. To penetrate more deeply into this market, Cellopoint needed to find high-quality and accurate data that would provide timely alerts, a low false positive rate, and a low false negative rate. Cellopoint understood that strong blocklists would be an easy solution to help prevent malware and spam from reaching any network. This would allow their customers to identify and mitigate risk in real-time.


The Partnership

Cellopoint partnered with Abusix by using Abusix Mail Intelligence (AMI). Abusix Mail Intelligence adds real-time threat information to Cellopoint’s email protection with a set of blocklists (RBL/DNSBL). AMI aggregates, processes, and normalizes trustworthy data, facilitating a real-time lookup of IP, domain, and URL threat data to ensure the quality of these blocklists.

Cellopoint found this domain, IP, and URL threat data to be the most useful for meeting its business objectives. The advantages were in having both low false negative and low false positive rates. 

Here’s how the Cellopoint and Abusix partnership works:

  1. Abusix keeps its threat data up-to-date and provides it to Cellopoint via AMI
  2. Cellopoint integrates the blocklists into its products
  3. Cellopoint’s customers experience a reduced volume of incidents

After implementing and evaluating AMI for 6 months, Cellopoint was pleased to report that it hit all success metrics.  


The Results

AMI’s stronger blocklists enabled Cellopoint to improve its products in terms of catch rate, productivity, and bandwidth. Specifically, they improved:

  • Catchrate of spam and malware by 8%
  • Reduced false positive and false negative rate by 5%
  • Productivity, measured by the number of cases resolved per analyst, increased by 13%

Trying to solve for the ever-evolving range of inbound threats, Cellopoint found that partnering with Abusix could provide stronger threat intel to rely on to minimize the disruption or risk to customers. This enabled Cellopoint to meet the demands of higher-end enterprises, achieve its business goals, and result in higher customer satisfaction.

“Partnering with Abusix has been a game changer for our email security solution.We highly recommend Abusix for any business that is serious about email security.”
Yukoh Wu
Threat Intelligence Team Leader

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