Are blocklists suitable for your organization?

Are blocklists suitable for your organization?

Who should use an email blocklist?

Generally, anyone who runs an on-premises mail server or uses a single-tenant third-party cloud email service can benefit from blocklists.

These blocklists can react quickly to reject unsafe messages, reducing time spent identifying new threats and minimizing processing overhead.

They can also help identify compromised users and other abuse on your platform.

Can I use an email blocklist using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365?

Yes, but this would require an email gateway in front with your domain’s MX records pointing to it. 

You can use blocklists upstream of Google or Microsoft to pass through filtered traffic.

Should I use more than one blocklist?

With any type of filtering, the more filtering layers, the better. 

Just make sure you only use high-quality and enterprise-ready blocklists to ensure you don’t run into false positives.

Are blocklists used on inbound emails?

Yes, this is the most common use case. 

Blocklists help eliminate>90% of spam, scams, phishing, and malware coming inbound to your mail server.

Are blocklists used on outbound emails?

Yes, this can be a very useful way to identify and protect against compromised accounts or identify and prevent abuses of other services, e.g., web/contact forms, other email servers, etc.

However, not all blocklists can be used this way, so you need to check if this is supported by the blocklist.

So, to sum it up…

Using a DNS blocklist can be beneficial for anyone running an on-premise or cloud email service and can be used for both inbound and outbound emails, helping protect your users and reduce the chances of abuse from your own network.

You should use a DNS Blocklist…

  • if you run an on-premise or use a single-tenant cloud email service.
  • if you already have an existing email security solution.
  • even if you already use another blocklist.

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